Living Way Church

Sunday Morning Snapshot

Service Timer & Coffee Icons

A typical service at Living Way lasts about 90 minutes. Before service begins feel free to grab a complementary coffee, tea or hot chocolate from our ‘Welcome Centre’ in the foyer.

Music, No Pressure and Teaching Icons

During our services, we love to sing about what God is doing in our lives and encourage people to sing along with us. We will from time to time have popular song from the radio played by our band to connect you with the content of the teaching.

You’ll notice every week there’s a time in our service for our people to give financially. While this is on one hand something we’re called to do in scripture, it’s also just our way of saying, “We love our church and we want to support it!” However, you should feel zero pressure to give as our guest today.

During the teaching time we seek to communicate God’s Truth in engaging, practical and relevant ways. Feel free to fill in the blanks using the outline provided, or take notes in your journal, phone or tablet. At the end of our teaching time we will often allow time for you to respond to what you have heard. This could be through reflection, singing or a call to action.

Following our service we gather together for lunch. Please feel free and welcome to join us for soup and sandwiches.